PLEASE NOTE: The MTR-LEU1-B07 model has been discontinued and replaced by the MTR-LEU7- model. The MTR-LEU7-B07 model IS NOT supported by WIN-911.

1. Install Guide

WIN-911 introduces the ability to configure several modems on a single system. WIN-911 can then use these modems to send messages at a faster rate as well as have them serve as backups of one another. For example, if two modems are configured, the WIN-911 SMS module will use both modems simultaneously to send alarm messages. If one modem fails to send an alarm, the WIN-911 SMS module would redirect the alarm to the other modem.

2. Getting Started

You will need to set up a wireless account with your carrier and obtain a Standard SIM card before you can begin to use your modem. WIN-911 will only use the SMS functionality of your modem so you do not need a voice or a data plan. We recommend using an unlimited texting plan.

You can install the modem ahead of time without a SIM card but WIN-911 will not function correctly until the SIM card is inserted and activated.


A. Installing a SIM Card

This modem requires a Standard SIM card, which is supplied by your service provider. To install the SIM card:

NOTEYou can use a Micro or Nano SIM card but you'll need the appropriate Standard SIM card adapter. 

  1. Locate the SIM card slot on the side of the modem. The slot is labeled SIM. 
  2. Slide the SIM card into the SIM card slot with the contact side facing down as shown When the SIM card is installed, it locks into place.
  3. To remove the SIM card, push it in and it'll eject itself from the device.


SIM card slot location

B. SMS Gateway using Telnet

Before configuring use a command prompt to obtain the IPv4 address you are currently using by typing ipconfig. Take a screenshot of that information, as you will need it later in the configuration.


First, you need to configure your router by using your router’s web management Interface. You might need to change the IP address of your computer to be in the same IP and subnet mask range as the device.


To do so, follow the path:

Control Panel>Network and Sharing Center>Change adapter settings. Right-click on your Local Area Connection and click Properties.


Click on Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4), then click Properties.



Make sure you document your current settings, as you will need to set them back once the modem is configured to your current subnet. Select the Use the following IP address radio button and change the IP address to and the Subnet Mask to


Once those changes are made, your machine will now be available on the same subnet and you will be able to access your modem's web management interface from a web browser. Open an Internet browser. In the browser's address field, type the default address for the router:


A login page opens. In the username field, type the default user name: admin (all lowercase). In the password field, type the default password: admin (all lower-case). The password can later be changed if you decide to add security to your modem. More information on this is listed later in this document.



After you have logged in, in the left explorer pane under Setup, you can change the IP address of the modem to that of your original sub-net. Make sure you define an original sub-net address that is not already being used by another machine on your network. Consult your IT department for a list of unoccupied sub-net addresses.



Under Setup, select the DHCP Configuration and disable by un-checking the Enabled box.


Under Setup, select Serial-IP Configuration and check the box Enabled. This will enable WIN-911 to use the settings defined within the modem.


FIRMWARE 4.X and Earlier

Navigate to Cellular, and under Telnet Radio Access, check the Enabled box.

FIRMWARE 5.X and Later

Use this URL to gain access to the Telnet Radio Access configuration:

https://[Modem IP Address]/cellular/telnetRadioAccess  (case-sensitive)

Check the Enabled box under Settings.

Ensure Inactivity (Seconds) is set to 0.  Setting this to anything other than 0 can cause the SMS Runtime Module to use excessive CPU.

Optional: To enable security on this modem, under Cellular, select Telnet Radio Access, and check the Login box.



If you want to change the password for accessing the modem's web management interface, on the left explorer pane, under Administration, select Access Configuration, then click the Change Password icon.

On the explorer pane, select SMS, and edit the SMS Configuration by unchecking the Enabled box.

With your new setting changes, click Save and Restart, and restart the modem.


With your modem now available on your original subnet, you can revert back to your original IP settings, then test to see if it changed by browsing with the newly acquired IP of the modem.


Once you have confirmed that the connection was successful, you can then configure WIN-911.

C. Setting Up WIN-911

  1. Open the WIN-911 GUI and go to Contact > SMS > Gateway.

  2. Click the button on the bottom left to add a new modem.

  3. Name: Enter a unique name for this modem.

  4. Connection Type: Select for ethernet modem
  5. Address: Enter the IP address you configured under Basic Setup on the modem settings portal. To the right, enter the port number you configured for Telnet Radio Access (5000 by default).
  6. If security is enabled for the modem (under Telnet Radio Access), provide your login credentials below; otherwise, uncheck the box to configure WIN-911 to not attempt a login.
  7. Radio Type: If you're using the MTR-H5, select , if you're using the MTR-G3, select .
  8. Initialization: The Multi-Tech modems do not require an additional initialization string so leave this field empty.

  9. If you'd like WIN-911 to respond to incoming text messages for alarm requests, alarm acknowledgments, and Report requests then leave the Enable Incoming box checked. If you would like WIN-911 to ignore incoming messages, uncheck the box.

  10. Use the button to send a text message to yourself. WIN-911 will also check the registration status, signal quality, and bit disparity rate. If the modem is not registered, you will need to call your cellular provider to make sure your modem is activated. If your signal is below 10, then you may have intermittent sending/receiving issues.

  11. Select the button to save your configuration.

If you followed the steps properly, WIN-911 will now be set up to use your Modem. 

D. Troubleshooting


If you are having trouble sending a successful test message, first run through the settings to make sure they are all correct.

Confirm that you can make a connection using PuTTY, a telnet client is available through this website.

In the PuTTY configuration, select the Telnet radio button

Enter the IP address of the modem you are trying to connect to, and change the port field to 5000.

Once you click Open a blank black box will open

Before we begin, remember that PuTTY does not accept deletion, so, if you make a mistake and have to delete and re-type, you will receive an error. Hit Enter, accept the error and re-attempt the command.

First, start off by entering ATE1 and hitting enter. Initially, you may not see anything, but this command will enable echo so that you will be able to see the commands entered. Once echo is enabled, use the below commands one at a time to initialize the modem.




Once the modem has the correct initialization commands, you can use the command AT+CMGS="xxxxxxxxxx" to send a text message to a cell phone.  

xxxxxxxxxx  represents the fully qualified phone number. The fully qualified phone number contains the country code + cellphone number. In some locations a prefix is required before the country code.  If the send message fails try using one of these prefixes:

AT+CMGS="+ <country code><phone number>"

AT+CMGS="00 <country code><phone number>"

After you enter the AT+CMGS command, a will appear. Enter the text message you want to send, and hit CTRL+Z to send. A successful send will result in +CMGS: ###  then OK.

Below is an example of the entire sequence above. Echo is enabled, the modem is initialized, and the text message was sent out successfully. 

If you have followed these steps correctly, you have installed and set up your cellular modem for use with WIN-911.

Technical Support

To create a support case, you will need either your Maintenance Support number or your CD Tracking number. You can create a Case online or contact the product support line: (512)326-1011.